Cranking up round 2 of 5×5’s / VeganProteins / Robert Cheeke

Ok-Wayyy to long since my last post. Got to be better about that.

Hit a Bay Area Veg Fest recently wearing my VBBF T-shirt. Funny but it was a little cool in the venue so I was wearing a dress shirt over it. And I still had people asking me about vegan bodybuilding. Pretty cool IMHO. One of my first thoughts was, “dang-wish I had a copy of Robert Cheeke’s book that got me going in this direction to give away!!”

Well I just took care of that detail… Ordered 5 copies from and even got a great call from one of the company co-founders Giacomo Marchese. (He was wondering how best to sign each of the books… How freaking cool is that!) I am saving up for a new computer but decided to take a slight detour by ordering these books. Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness was HUGE in starting up my new path.

Also on a positive note-I am starting round two of my 5×5 Stronglifts campaign. Last November doing a deadlift, I got lazy on a last rep and “twang” went my QL muscle. So I am taking the squat portion slow and adding running and some sled work to get my lower back in shape again. I change routines a fair bit and had a great time with Louie Simmons Conjugate Method. (of course without the drugs) Great system and will be back on that after my course of 5×5’s and probabaly Michael Ferencsik’ plan once thru again too.

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SF Union Square Fur Protest

Yup the tall goofy looking guy with the sign is yours truly. Today at IDA’s Fur protest downtown San Francisco. Located In Union Square across from Macy’s, there was s huge police presence. (But not for us I feel.) Still they did keep hanging around us.



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Living La Vida Awesome!! Vida Vegan Tech Seminar Seattle….

Where else in the world can you compare vegan living, geeky tech stuff AND show off tattoo’s all in one terrific location??

Got the chance to attend the 2012 Vida Vegan Tech seminar in Seattle Washington.  A great day thanks to terrific folks, some crazy good learning and treats from Veggie Grill. This well organized all day event proved to be as much fun as it was informational. (Hmmm…. Can’t say that too often these days)

Of course starting off on the right foot is always paramount. Vegan donuts, apples and tea as well as great table guests like Katie and Kathy got things rolling. While all the speakers were terrific in their own presentations, a few really stood out for me.

While I have been thinking of putting together a podcast, I was flat out ignorant on where to start. Lucky the podcast section by Barb Troyer was just what I was looking for. Check out her site over at . Barb’s energy and enthusiasm was very contagious, so looking forward to my first podcast by the beginning of the year!

The social media portion by Dawn Quinn and Helen Pitlick made sense out of the dozens of applications one can use for getting ideas across the web. Angel Barclay’s section on video work was fantastic. Showing what can be done with a basic camera and a few tips on creating some high quality videos. The organizers even included note books on each section complete with highlights of each speaker! I think we will be doing everything we can to pay a visit to the Vida Vegan Con event next May.

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New bench record… And overhead press lift.

Not much time to write here folks. But had to say that I finally hit my first bench record of 135lbs!! (Since then I have reached 140lbs) Crazy happy and all of this on plant based foods AND being over 40. All of which most people will tell you it’s impossible to do. Yeah guess what? your wrong! Not only is it possible, it’s actually happening. Oh and I am hitting 105lbs in the overhead press. Man I have never been able to do that before!

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Who says you can’t gain muscle on Plant Based meals???

October 7th, 2012

Hit some new personal bests in lifting yesterday. 125lbs in the bench, (just 10lbs from my first goal!!) and 85lbs in the overhead press. Not a super big deal to most, but for me I am thrilled. I have been a lifelong skinny person that has never been able to put on muscle. Since becoming vegan, I have gained muscle and lost fat. pretty cool in my book!

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My back… My back… Healing and new eats.

August 25th, 2012

Hitting some great records for myself! My goal of being able to lift 135lbs in each lift is getting closer.

July 15th, 2012

Back injuries seem to be occurring a fair bit now. Yuk!! I think I have narrowed it down to my QL. (Quadratus Lumborum) Kinda funny-I am driving up from a deadlift and I hear this “twang”… Dang it that was it for the day. And about a 2 week rest and slow recovery. Really looking forward to get back into my squat and deadlift routines!!

Oct 3rd, 2011

It is officially one year since starting my new (well not so new anymore) vegan workout program. And so thankful to my awesome wife for getting me a copy of “Vegan Bodybuilding”. And what better way to celebrate than hitting this years SF Veg Fest. Held here in San Francisco’s own Golden Gate Park, this event proved to be a blast. Meeting and talking with some cool fellow locals who had some great advice and good story’s too. Was able to chat too with a few vendors including the people at ecoVegan. ( They produce the meat-free dishes like “Zen Patties”. You gotta try them!

At the 2011 S.F. Veg Fest

Many thanks and back to the weights.

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Recent stop in Palm Springs

Not much time tonight to write. However I did want to mention to anybody living or visiting Palm Springs CA, that Power of Fitness gym rocks! This is an independent gym that has some of the nicest-up to date machines I have ever seen. Just a 15.00 dollar drop in fee and I was straight to work. If you’re traveling thru town and need to get in a little work, this really is the place to go. Many thanks for keeping me on workout track. And thanks Darea for getting me signed up and moving weights so fast!

Power of Fitness - Palm Springs, CA

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