Living La Vida Awesome!! Vida Vegan Tech Seminar Seattle….

Where else in the world can you compare vegan living, geeky tech stuff AND show off tattoo’s all in one terrific location??

Got the chance to attend the 2012 Vida Vegan Tech seminar in Seattle Washington.  A great day thanks to terrific folks, some crazy good learning and treats from Veggie Grill. This well organized all day event proved to be as much fun as it was informational. (Hmmm…. Can’t say that too often these days)

Of course starting off on the right foot is always paramount. Vegan donuts, apples and tea as well as great table guests like Katie and Kathy got things rolling. While all the speakers were terrific in their own presentations, a few really stood out for me.

While I have been thinking of putting together a podcast, I was flat out ignorant on where to start. Lucky the podcast section by Barb Troyer was just what I was looking for. Check out her site over at . Barb’s energy and enthusiasm was very contagious, so looking forward to my first podcast by the beginning of the year!

The social media portion by Dawn Quinn and Helen Pitlick made sense out of the dozens of applications one can use for getting ideas across the web. Angel Barclay’s section on video work was fantastic. Showing what can be done with a basic camera and a few tips on creating some high quality videos. The organizers even included note books on each section complete with highlights of each speaker! I think we will be doing everything we can to pay a visit to the Vida Vegan Con event next May.

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2 Responses to Living La Vida Awesome!! Vida Vegan Tech Seminar Seattle….

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  2. Angel Legume says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and learned some things! I wish I had more of that carrot cake.

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