Cranking up round 2 of 5×5’s / VeganProteins / Robert Cheeke

Ok-Wayyy to long since my last post. Got to be better about that.

Hit a Bay Area Veg Fest recently wearing my VBBF T-shirt. Funny but it was a little cool in the venue so I was wearing a dress shirt over it. And I still had people asking me about vegan bodybuilding. Pretty cool IMHO. One of my first thoughts was, “dang-wish I had a copy of Robert Cheeke’s book that got me going in this direction to give away!!”

Well I just took care of that detail… Ordered 5 copies from and even got a great call from one of the company co-founders Giacomo Marchese. (He was wondering how best to sign each of the books… How freaking cool is that!) I am saving up for a new computer but decided to take a slight detour by ordering these books. Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness was HUGE in starting up my new path.

Also on a positive note-I am starting round two of my 5×5 Stronglifts campaign. Last November doing a deadlift, I got lazy on a last rep and “twang” went my QL muscle. So I am taking the squat portion slow and adding running and some sled work to get my lower back in shape again. I change routines a fair bit and had a great time with Louie Simmons Conjugate Method. (of course without the drugs) Great system and will be back on that after my course of 5×5’s and probabaly Michael Ferencsik’ plan once thru again too.

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