Gossip! Gossip!

Nov. 2012

Be sure to swing by my home page for my update on the Vida Vegan Tech seminar. (It Rocked!!)

Hitting more personal bests on my weight training. I have to admit that finding the keys to what works best on a plant based diet, as well as gaining muscle volume is pretty cool. Thinking about starting a new page dedicated to what and how I am doing this. I guess that would mean more update photo’s… Well why not! I mean if I can do it, so can anyone right??

Oct. 2012

I have been researching more workout ideas and think I have found something that is really working. If you haven’t checked out Louie Simmons, do a little searching on YouTube for him. He does come from the steroid world (which I choose Not to do) but has some really great ideas about lifting that all goes against the “established” methods. He has pulled some of the best ideas from Europe and has made some great ground in elite lifting. The big thing here is that breaking routines and changing things up is the best way to go. Second he touts high rep/lower weight days and having “max lift” sessions on the weekends.

For me personally, I have been going this route as I rehab and have made great strides! To date, my home gym workouts have been fantastic and having a solid 2″ more on my arms is crazy good. So does it work?? Heck yeah it does!!! 

Sept. 2012

Heading up to Portland OR for 2012 Veg Fest! Going to see my awesome cool Brother and set things in motion for my first tattoo. Hey it’s about time I got some ink. Going with two tats. Now which one first??

Oct. 2011

If you have not done so… Be sure to check out Michael Ferencsik’s website http://rippednaturalbodybuilding.com/   Crazy cool site and am on my 3rd week of his “ripped Rulz” system. Already noticing more results and seems to be a great step as I advance in the Plant Based diet-Bodybuilding program. I purchased his “Muscle Maximization” e-book and details diet and workout regiments that makes perfect sense.  Thanks Michael!!

Sep 2010 

A quick report from my first INBA Show in Fairfield CA …. I had a great time as a member of the audience! The first thing that really impressed me-I mean really impressed me, was the fact that everybody up on stage spent countless hours getting ready for the show. (Not to mention the hundreds/thousands of hours training and taking care of themselves on a daily basis) 

The other item impressed upon me was the fact that although there were some tremendous physics, they all looked “real”. In the sense that hard work-a great diet and discipline was behind those body’s. 

With an age range of 20’s to the 60’s, it was really inspiring to know that the benefits of this lifestyle can be obtained by almost anyone, at any age.


3 Responses to Gossip! Gossip!

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  2. Chris Mikkelsen says:

    Nice piece. Thanks 4 the update. It’s inspiring.

  3. foggyvegan says:

    Hey great to see ya on here!!!

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