When a Vegan?

So I am wondering something…

I don’t consider myself Vegan (yet) in the sense that my proclamation through the land has had its time to gel. Is it fair to say that when you have rid yourself of all animal products and stuck to a strict Vegan program for at least one year, can I call myself Vegan then?

My transformation has seemed to involve 3 or 4 murky steps.

The first being a Lazy Vegetarian. I know-I know-Sounds like a weak copout that has no back bone at all. But to be honest, it’s how I started all those years ago. My willingness to stop eating meat was pretty easy to give up. (Heck I all but had done that) But hey-There is No Way I am giving up my nachos! And ice cream?? Forget it!

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Common Sense

But a strange thing started to happen. As I ate less and less animal products, my taste buds began to change. Now I am not a scientist (but I am a practicing geek) but when your flavor pattern begins to change. the effects of my old diet revelled itself it seems.

When I would eat something with cheese for example, I began to notice a strange taste: Like licking the floor of a barnyard stall! See what I mean? weird. But it was true nonetheless. I actually began to turn away from my favorite plate of nachos.

Yes-As you have read elsewhere, my wife is Vegan too and had watched me slowly change direction (Perhaps a bit impatiently) for the last 6 years. True-There has been no meat of any kind in the kitchen for many years now… And it’s been at least 4 years (or more) since we have had any kind of dairy in the house. Do I miss any of those dairy products now?? NO! In fact it has been fun trying new things and living off my wifes Sunday dishes that always provide lunches for the following week.

So don’t let the “FoggyVegan” title fool you…

I am happy to call myself Vegan to anybody that asks. Since my goals have changed a bit, I am at the moment wanting to live a sane bodybuilding lifestyle without the competitions and extremes in pre-contest dieting. Simply a day-to-day lifestyle of working out and eating right. (eating “a lot” right!)

(…in progress-check back soon)


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